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Marketing, branding, creative, and distribution services for independent artists and labels to help you find the audience for your music

Why Starita Label Services?
As artists ourselves, we understand what artists need.

Bold design team: fearless creative talents provide the visual tapestry that complements and elevates your unique sound

Deep industry network: access to the digital platforms and marketing channels you need to be heard

Personalized service: limiting our project roster allows for direct client engagements and support

Marketing Strategy

Focused strategy and planning is the foundation of our success. With 40+ years of combined experience, our veteran marketing team develops specific go-to-market blueprints – including brand differentiators, target audience profiling, positioning, brand tone and voice designation, and messaging strategy – for each artist engagement in order to successfully acquire, keep, and grow your fan-base.

Brand & Identity

We work closely with each artist to perpetually identify, create, and manage the collection of assets and actions that shape the perception of their brand.  Driven by strategy, we collaborate with brand identity designers to create visual elements – logo, color pallette, typography, photography, website, etc. – to accurately communicate and shape your brand’s image.

Creative Direction

Our integrated creative direction (the intersection of art direction, design, and strategy) process oversees it all; guiding all the pieces to build our artists’ brand awareness and connects them more deeply with their fan-base. Creative direction is executed across brand identity design (logo, color semiotics, graphic design, photography), content creation, cover art design, and more.

Press & Promotion

To get more visibility for your music, we customize a comprehensive promotional strategy for each go-to-market release which may include public relations, social media and influencer marketing, playlist push, radio campaigns, and more.  We also have long standing relationships with top creative publicists across a wide range of genres who help spread our artists’ story far and wide; landing premieres, interviews, and features.

Content Creation

To ensure that all marketing content – from ideation to creation – connect the artist’s brand to its prospective audience, our extensive network of in-house and outsourced content creators – photographers, videographers, copywriters, graphic and website designers, album cover artists, stylists, etc. – are uniquely matched based upon their skill set to the creative and art direction of each project.


Our exclusive worldwide distribution network (interfacing directly with Digital Service Providers (DSPs) through strategic relationships) allows our artists to have these benefits – wide distribution coverage, speedy music delivery, trust and reliability, a sensible fee structure, robust services, clean and detailed metadata assurances, curatorial and editorial reach, accessible artist support, strategic release options, and more.


As an ‘unlabel’ boutique services company, we pride ourselves on the qualities that set us apart. For starters, we are artists supporting artists; total rule breakers. Our tight-knit team possess top-tier creative vision and design expertise. Through our combined 40+ years of experience, we have a unique cross-sectional skill set with deep music industry experience along with broad, multi-industry marketing competence (the best of two worlds)!

Our vast partnership network provides our artists with the competitive advantage of access to marketing platforms and music distribution methods they could not achieve on their own. Lastly, all hands are on deck when it comes to supporting each of our artist engagements. As the ‘Fifth Beatle,’ we take personal interest in each project. We offer personalized service with defined scope and deliverables. No guesswork. No ghosting.

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more service. less label.




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